Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Well, it feels as though the remainder of this year should wrap up pretty nicely:

Finances: good
Family: good
Friendships: great
Health: fantastic
Career: developing faster than I'd ever thought
Romantic life: options are open :)
Creativity: off the charts

I just feel good, well more than good - great - especially with my workouts and cut down on unhealthy habbits. I see how all the negativity this year HAD to happen, if it hadn't all this new good stuff and people in my life wouldn't have had an entry point.
When they say you "can't go home again" , it's not just in regards to the house you grew up in ir your family - it also applies to your ex friends, careers, or anything that you've moved past.
Some people I used to think were so exciting and cool, now I see as so hum-drum, blah, fearful and boring.
I guess as an experiement I threw out some "feelers" to some old friends/aquaintances of mine just to see where they're at now. Well, all I'll say is that I ended that experiement ASAP. I'll just keep moving forward.