Saturday, November 03, 2007

Well, I'll be working non-stop online from this afternoon till Monday evening, hopefully my "work binge" will be profitable.
I'm shooting for 11/7/07 as the launch date of my website - I want it to be fetish, but also fun.
I found a really cool online contest called "Reality Manga"- check it out. I think Anime/Manga/Japanimation is so damn cool. I wouldn't mind dating a guy who looked like a hot Manga character.
Actually come to think of it, the "reality manga" characters, look about how 1st or 2nd generation "gray type" alien/human hybrids would look.
I used to think that I "loved" or was "into" the paranormal. I don't think I really am, I think I'm just looking for some answers. I've been acused of being immature, crazy, nuts, overly imaginative, etc, because of my "seeking answers" . Well I really hope that I am just all of those things. I hate being so weird. Even when I try to be normal I'm weird.
My interest in the concept of aliens comes and goes and I was hoping that as I got older, the interest would die down, but it hasn't. If anything it's increased. I think nows the time that I simply explore the subject as much as possible.