Saturday, November 17, 2007

What the hell is up with this current flood of mimbos (male bimbos) and pretty boys? I swear, lately whenever I go out these types of men (at least in south florida) make up at least 50% of the male dating pool. It's sad and totally not appealing neither to myself or most other women I know. Overall it's disgusting, and just affirms that most men out there truly are bitches.
I think a lot of men for whatever reason think that it's "ok" nowdays to arch their eyebrows, partake in various beauty treatments, and wear "very high end and fashionable" clothing, but to be honest with you, it just makes you look gay.
Now if you're are gay, go with it, but if you're not don't dress the part.
I'm also sick of guys past 25 who try to act "boyish" as if it's cute or who try to act younger than they are. I also think men who lie about their age are retarded as well because I can always tell.
A wannabe model I know lies about his age, I didn't really think about it until a friend of mine pointed out to me how old he looks in the face. Consequently this weirdo also tries to be a mimbo.
So in conclusion, act you age and your sex - otherwise it's just pathetic.