Friday, November 30, 2007

Yesterday was an ultra productive day. Cam shows in the morning, my first fetish shoot as a photographer for "Amazon Amanda" in the afternoon, and a little photo editing in the evening (after a good long soak in a hot tub).
This weekend I'm planning I'm being totally busy with cam shows as has begin to take off very rapidly, but next week after I finish editing the photos from yesterday's shoot, I'm going to revamp my website. I have so many new portfolio shots I need to post, and I think my overall format of the site needs to be redone anyways.
I have a feeling I'll be having a very busy Decemeber.
Enjoy this group photo from the end of the shoot yesterday (the little monster front and center is me in photographer mode rather than model mode for once) and the other photo is my favorite frame from the shoot.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yesterday was such a cool day. MiZtress Monica had a chance to step out into the "real world" for a while in the early afternoon and believe me, her wrath was felt pretty intensely by a certain individual :)
Afterwards I had an awsome lunch with my friend Amanda and then had an awsome "spa day" the rest of the evening.
I needed that, I rarely really take the time out to pamper myself but I am going to make sure to start indulging in the nicer things in life a bit more frequently.
Later today I'll be shooting and photographing "Amazon Amanda's" first bit of content for her new website. This will be a good "training" day for me in the art of fetish photography, which is a sect of photography I'd like to get more into.
This photo is a new photo from my upcomming pictorial "Plastic" which will be posted in Club Monica of - enjoy kiddies :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yesterday was a great day, but a long day. I worked from about 5am to 1am solid. I feel like I'm really reaching some personal goals with my online ventures, but man it's simply amazing how when you start to really do well, the "haters" (a.k.a. jealous individuals) creep out in full force!
I just see it as being comical though, because anyone who shows that kind of attitude towards someone trying to build something positive is simply weak to begin with.
In other news, tomorrow I will be shooting a new photo pictorial, that I hope embodies a more "fine tuned" Monica Foster / Miztress Monica image. Stay tuned :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Yesterday I had my "official belated Thanksgiving" dinner with my friend Amanda over at one of my all time favorite restaurants J. Alexanders. Steak Maui - yum. Cabernet - yum. Carrot cake with icing - yum.
As far as my hair is concerned I decided to go with the red streaks in the front. It's not exactly "real world" hair, but when I pull it back in a pony tail it's not TOO noticable. Looks GREAT on camera though. I'll post a couple pics of ma "do" later on.
Well today I'll be doing cam shows all day and same for the remainder of the week. is really taking off QUICK. Funny how life works.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Well today is "hair day". Redoing my extensions and trying to decide whether to put in blond highlights or bright red. I'd like to do the red, because I think that they would look awsome in some of the new photos sets I want to do and durring my cam shows. However I have a casting to go to on Tuesday and I'm thinking the red might look a little to "ghetto" or "in your face" - but then again maybe looking extreme will get me noticed in the casting. We'll see....maybe just a few pieces of red in the front.
Anyways, though some people said I shouldn't get implants (and I value their opinions), I'm going to try my best to save up and get them. In the field of entertainment that look will get me further - multiple people I've talked to who actually work in the field that my look is right for have verified this so fuck it - why not - only young once.
My priorities as of current are boob job, teeth whitening, new car, and to move.
I can't wait to get the fuck out of Florida.
I want to be kind of reinvent myself. Now that my ties are cut from many people from my past, it's time to be someone all of my own.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and I'm glad.
The night prior to Thanksgiving I was invited out by a new friend of mine. We had a BLAST - a bit of drama entered towards the middle of the night, but I still had fun.
Anyways this weekend I will be working non-stop again, but I'm happy and "thankful" to be able to work.
Next week, I might be attending a reality show casting. That should be interesting if I decide to go.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Even though I have for years and continue to make a living in a relatively unconventional way, I'm a much different person than when I began. Hell, this time next year I'll probably be a lot different than I am right now - crazy to think about.
Sometimes I think back to certain times, people and situations and I want to scream at that past version of myself and say "what the fuck were you thinking", but know what - I'm finally beginning to realize that the "past" version of myself and the past in general doesn't matter now. All that matters in fact is my "now" and my "future" so I'm just gonna make the best of what I've got and keep on truckin.
I finished the spinoff of yesterday - - well it's not totally done, but it's a functional site.
I think the "fetish" side of Monica really is going to allow me to have a lot of fun - and real fun isn't something I've had in a while.
I'm reading this book right now called "Masks of Nudity", by an Margo Macabee. The author of the book contacted me through my myspace page and I'm so glad. I invited her on my show to promote her book. She'll be my 3rd "serious" interview on the show. So far the book is excellent - the main character is actually hauntingly very similar to myself.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm no longer allowing "anonymous" commenting on my blog - if you want to commment, identify yourself fuckers.

Anyways today i've begun the 2nd stage of - should be complete soon. I'm glad that it's almost the end of the month. In fact I really want to just get into next year at this point. Too bad I can't just fast-forward through the holidays.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The first stage of the website is complete!!! I can't wait to have it done, but at least all the main parts are complete. It'll be interesting to see what type of response I get from all the losers out there.
Later this week I'll be taking some photos of my friend for her site - this girl's really been helpful with cluing me in on the fetish scene.
Actually I wanted to go to the fetish VIP bliss party this weekend, BUT I was too busy with someone other stuff, oh well, maybe next time.
I feel good about having gotten more content in the member's section of my site: - one I have all the monica stuff in order, I can turn my attention back to the development of my photography biz - ID-CD productions - I really want to open that studio next year.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

What the hell is up with this current flood of mimbos (male bimbos) and pretty boys? I swear, lately whenever I go out these types of men (at least in south florida) make up at least 50% of the male dating pool. It's sad and totally not appealing neither to myself or most other women I know. Overall it's disgusting, and just affirms that most men out there truly are bitches.
I think a lot of men for whatever reason think that it's "ok" nowdays to arch their eyebrows, partake in various beauty treatments, and wear "very high end and fashionable" clothing, but to be honest with you, it just makes you look gay.
Now if you're are gay, go with it, but if you're not don't dress the part.
I'm also sick of guys past 25 who try to act "boyish" as if it's cute or who try to act younger than they are. I also think men who lie about their age are retarded as well because I can always tell.
A wannabe model I know lies about his age, I didn't really think about it until a friend of mine pointed out to me how old he looks in the face. Consequently this weirdo also tries to be a mimbo.
So in conclusion, act you age and your sex - otherwise it's just pathetic.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Today was a fun day. Had lunch/dinner and a few drinks with a good friend. Came home, took a nap and overslept, then woke up and found this video on YouTube (it will crack you up.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ok, well today I finally got some much needed website updates taken care of to - I have an hourlong camshow replay up in the member section and slowly but surely will have more added soon.
Here's a clip from November 4th's show.

Tomorrow I'll be doing another installment of RED T-back. Gotta figure out what to discuss. I still want to go to that fetish party this weekend - gotta find someone to go with.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Well, tonight I finally figured out how to properly import the video files from my new camera into my computer and edit them without losing quality. The entire problem has to do with the damn default video encoding that Sony saves movies to on the camera's harddrive. Fucking Mpeg2 and a seperate Modd file for the audio. Arg.
If I'd initially edited with Windows Movie maker I wouldn't have ad any problems at all but stupid me wanted to use Studio 9. Oh well. Screw you studio 9. I still need to find if that have a patch/plug in to be able to use mpeg2 / modd files as the source files. I'll save that search for another day though.
Well the weekend is about half over but it's been productive.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Young, old, straight, gay, male, female, black, white, yellow, or red - ANYONE can stick their foot in their mouth and come off as a total retard when they're feeling insecure.
It's funny.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Well, it feels as though the remainder of this year should wrap up pretty nicely:

Finances: good
Family: good
Friendships: great
Health: fantastic
Career: developing faster than I'd ever thought
Romantic life: options are open :)
Creativity: off the charts

I just feel good, well more than good - great - especially with my workouts and cut down on unhealthy habbits. I see how all the negativity this year HAD to happen, if it hadn't all this new good stuff and people in my life wouldn't have had an entry point.
When they say you "can't go home again" , it's not just in regards to the house you grew up in ir your family - it also applies to your ex friends, careers, or anything that you've moved past.
Some people I used to think were so exciting and cool, now I see as so hum-drum, blah, fearful and boring.
I guess as an experiement I threw out some "feelers" to some old friends/aquaintances of mine just to see where they're at now. Well, all I'll say is that I ended that experiement ASAP. I'll just keep moving forward.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I woke up this morning feeling GREAT! I mean really great - I would like to write about as to why, but I'm still testing out a new part of my health regimin, so until I have concrete proof that what I'm doing really is beneficial, anyone reading this will simply have to wait to find out why I feel so good.

This morning I did another broadcast of my online talk show RED T-BACK and it turned out to be a really good installment. I covered some really good points - especially in relation to maintaining mental and physical health while working as a dancer. Then my friend "Fetus" called in along with a really cool girl who's a Coyote in a Coyote Bar down in Texas. The conversations were cool.

I was contacted by a photographer earlier this week to be in a calendar, the booking isn't finalized yet, but hopefully it will be.

I hope not the only person who thinks or has noticed this, but why is it that when guys hit around 27 or 28, they suddenly have a really fat head and face. I think that's so gross. I'm going to have to become a "cougar" because I haven't seen any men over 30 in a while without a fat ass head. Maybe I just have a preference for thinner men with high cheek bones.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Well, I'll be working non-stop online from this afternoon till Monday evening, hopefully my "work binge" will be profitable.
I'm shooting for 11/7/07 as the launch date of my website - I want it to be fetish, but also fun.
I found a really cool online contest called "Reality Manga"- check it out. I think Anime/Manga/Japanimation is so damn cool. I wouldn't mind dating a guy who looked like a hot Manga character.
Actually come to think of it, the "reality manga" characters, look about how 1st or 2nd generation "gray type" alien/human hybrids would look.
I used to think that I "loved" or was "into" the paranormal. I don't think I really am, I think I'm just looking for some answers. I've been acused of being immature, crazy, nuts, overly imaginative, etc, because of my "seeking answers" . Well I really hope that I am just all of those things. I hate being so weird. Even when I try to be normal I'm weird.
My interest in the concept of aliens comes and goes and I was hoping that as I got older, the interest would die down, but it hasn't. If anything it's increased. I think nows the time that I simply explore the subject as much as possible.

Friday, November 02, 2007

What do I hate about myself most? That I can't manage money.
I think I will always be poor. It sounds depressing and it probably is, but it's something I'm learning to deal with. The fact that I'm creative in my opinion counters that flaw and makes me feel better about my life.
The video below sums up how I feel at this moment:

Yea, I'm in a "post a video" blog phase at this point in my life.