Sunday, March 09, 2008

Last week was hectic, but I was able to get everything done that I needed to get done. Go me! This week should be a bit closer to my normal pace of life, but it will still be busy as I will most likely be venturing into a new arena - but as long as the upcoming week is productive, I will be happy :)
Sex is such a funny's a vital part of life, I wouldn't even exist if it weren't for it, but sex can take on SO many attributes. It can bring joy and happiness or heartache and pain. It can be used as a reward or a weapon. It can cause you to lose or gain material wealth. It can be an addiction or something a person doesn't deal with all together and hates. It can be emotional or just physical - or maybe both. It can cause men and women alike to become psychotic stalkers or totally reclusive. All and all, many people get confused when it comes to sex.
In my personal life, I've found that most men seem to have trouble understanding the concept of "the sexual door being closed" after a romantic relationship is over. To define, for some reason, many men seem to be under the impression that once they've had sex with a woman, that door is ALWAYS open to them, even if the romantic relationship has fizzled / turned into a friendship. To the men who think along such lines out there, at least in my case, you are wrong and just plain stupid.
It's that sort of mentality, that most likely made me and girls like me not want to spend time with you anymore to begin with - so once again - get it together peeps, before I and the other chicks out there like me have to turn 100% lesbo - hell I'm already bi.