Friday, March 21, 2008

The past few weeks have been hard, fast and incredibly productive. I shot my second adult video scene - and it went really well. 2 under my belt now :)
Next week I'll be in L.A. this will be my 3rd time visiting the west coast and hopefully the 3rd time's the charm. I have a few bookings lined up via the agency I'm currently working with so hopefully they will all go well.
I've already had a taste today of the under-handed tactics of the L.A. adult entertainment industry without having even arrived yet. Apparently through a "miscommunication" another fairly large agency who ignored me initially, suddenly gained interest in me, but now (considering the final email communication with them) "regret having extended an offer". Interesting. I really hope that because of this incident I'm not labeled as a "hard ass" or "bitch" or "not good to work with". Sometimes people with power try to black list those they can't have, which just ain't cool...
I think GiirzInc will be a great agency to work with currently. I get good vibes from the agents and generally I trust my intuition. They seem to care about their talent that they manage, and that's what's important. For me my comfort level and feeling of safety and security takes priority over everything.