Thursday, July 17, 2008

Almost done getting everything in my apartment as it should be before I really go full force with my webcam shows. I made my final trip to IKEA for quite a while today to pick up a chest of drawers of which I'm about to assemble after I'm done with this blog.
One of my members emailed me today about another porn DVD I'm featured in: "Black Bottom Girls 5" - by Vouyer Media. I look great in the preview - which can be seen here: - however I'm not very excited about this particular DVD release and I'm very disappointed in this studio.
Why? Well prior to me shooting my scene in this video with Jack Napier, both I AND my agents were told that if I did the scene I would be on the BOXCOVER. Obviously I am not. In fact, the boxcover shoot never happened - it was canceled not once but TWICE, and on top of that I was never given a "kill fee" for the canceled shoots. My agency didn't even KNOW the shoot was canceled the second time because the studio head canceled it via TEXT MESSAGE to my CELL PHONE. Oh yes - oh so professional...
I find this business practice of making a false promise to a performer and her agency in order to get a performer to do a scene VERY un-ethical (even though it is in "porn world") and it surprises me that the head of Vouyer Media, an ex-performer himself, would see this as an "OK" thing to do to a current performer. Turns out it's not the first time this particular studio head has done this either, as I've heard through word of mouth that he used this same ploy to get another performer (who shall remain nameless) to do her first anal scene with his studio.
This situation COULD still be rectified by this studio, and I hope it will be. Next time I talk to my agency I think I'll ask about it.
In other news, I joined a gym today! I'll be living here in Cali for at least a year so I might as well get in the best shape of my life. I mainly just want to tone up and gain some stamina.
I still can't get over all of these feminine yet straight Los Angeles men - so until I can wrap my mind around it (and I doubt I'll ever be able to) I've come up with a new way to classify them: I see this group of men as a "3rd sex" and I dub them "Menwem".

My definition of a Menwem: An incredibly attractive "model-esqe" type of man who is not homosexual, yet embodies many "feminine" qualities. A step beyond the typical metrosexual. They occasionally will date women, however women should beware of the Menwem as they will often project unwarranted and unprovoked hostility toward women as they see women as a form of "competition" and often harbor much jealousy towards the pervieved "advantages" in life women have which the Menwem envy.
Most Menwem are essentially "Man-Children" and are often confirmed lifelong bachelors - though they do not engage in homosexual activity they prefer the company of other Menwem to women which is why you will see most Menwem running in packs. Menwem are found in vast numbers in Hollywood, Ca and tend to gravitate towards the arts and entertainment industries. Though the Menwem do find strength in "numbers" within these packs they are easy to break down and defeat if attacked individually.

:) Yes, my mind is warped.