Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well my move to Los Angeles is officially complete. My car was delivered yesterday along with the rest of my packed up belongings, so tonight will be spent getting everything unpacked and the rest of my furniture assembled.
Today I contacted Chris Connor, the host of LAST CALL on dqrm today to try to get on the show to give their audience an update as to how I've switched agencies over to Type9models along with some other interesting happenings since deciding to move to Los Angeles. Hopefully he'll have me on soon.
I decided to google my alter-ego "Monica Foster" today and found that my adult dvd's now come up in the search. That's a good thing because having the "porn star" status associated with Monica Foster SHOULD drive more traffic to my official website and cam shows :)
Oh, I almost forgot to add that I shot another AV scene over the weekend - for West Coast Productions. The name of the series the scene will be in is "Office Freaks 3". The director, Bishop, was great on this shoot - I actually had a good amount of loosely dialog for once(which was a little nerve-racking but I got through it). I don't plan on doing many more AV scenes, just a few select projects for studios with good attitudes who actually make good porn.
I really liked working with West Coast from the start a few months ago when I shot for "Booty Talk". Though they produce "black porn", the scenes for the DVD's of theirs I've shot have not been degrading black porn - if anything it's been fairly "high end" - now that's progressive.
One thing I've noticed about Los Angeles, is that there are a hell of a lot of "pretty" yet supposedly straight men. This bothers me a bit. Since when did men start to dote on and groom themselves so much? I've never seen so many men with manicures and incredibly gelled up hair in my life. I think there's a higher percentage of men here in the general populace of LA dolled up than women. It's strange.
I've heard that the the west coast is where many social trends start. I hope this "prettier than the women" trend going on here with men isn't one of those trends. What's even more disturbing is that the prissiness in many "straight" men here doesn't end on the outside...lots of internal "bitchiness" is present within males here too, maybe because many of these pretty boys are failed entertainers and their bitter. Who knows. Regardless, butch it up boys - quick.