Monday, July 28, 2008

Well, I googled my guise "Monica Foster" recently and found something that initially made me angry, later sad, but now just disappointed that the world is still full of people who think as the assholes who post on this forum do:

This discussion's topic is about "black women in the media who are deemed as cute" by these member's of "Asia's Finest" (somehow I doubt most of these members of the forum are even asian).

If you read that page, you'll find where one forum member, linked to one of my photos and said he thought I was cute. Well keep reading because apparently not only did others disagree with him but they WENT on to say that I am "ape like" and "cross eyed" and "look like a transsexual".

"cross eyed" - I'll let that one go because sometimes my focus is a little off center and having very almond shaped eyes can give this illusion too (You'd think that "asia's finest" would know this being that MANY asian people at first glance in photos look crosseyed even when they are not).

"ape like" - Fuck you Asia's Finest forum posters. I do not look anything like an ape. I'd like to see what you jerk offs look like.

"transsexual" - well that's just stupid. If you want to see whether I'm a real woman or not just check out one of my porn videos.

This forum just goes to show WHY the world is difficult for black women in ANY industry - because you have people running around who think of black women in such negative terms on a consistant basis. Sick.