Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Moving to California has been full of pros and cons. The pros being a more active lifestyle (I walk more places, eat healthier, joined a gym), have met some really cool creative people and have much more work opportunity especially when it comes to freelance photography. The cons however are starting to take their toll - it's very expensive to live here and lots of NON-creative leacherous people are out to take advantage of you at EVERY FUCKING TURN.
I really wanted to try to do well, at least for a while, in the adult video world. However today was the last straw when it comes to the agency I switched too. Is it really so hard to give your client all the details of a shoot that you're sending them to? Apparently it is which is why I've lost faith in allowing other people to have a part in helping to develop ANYTHING I try to do in life professionally.
Today I did a live webcam show with a company called Naughty Amercia. The pay sucked BUT at least I got to plug my website and self promote which is something that you really can't put a price on. The people who I worked with were really cool and the atmosphere was chill. I'd like to work with them again in one of their series, but in all honesty, I don't think I have the right "look" for them.
Come to think of it, I don't seem to have the right "look" for anyone on camera wise. It's kind of depressing but being that I'm almost 30 years old now, I really don't care anymore which is why I'm going to make sure my photography business really pans out by the end of this year, even if it kills me.
Fucking stress, this is why I can't quit smoking.