Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Yesterday was a cool day. I received a "pre-releasse" copy of the scene I shot a few months ago for http://www.sexedupsuperheroines.com - it looks fantastic - thanks Steve Steel!

I wrote the following yesterday but am posting today - if it puts off certain Monica Foster "fans" I'm sorry but I'm sick of the bullshit:

As I’ve stated on my blog before, with the possible exceptions of creating content for my Official website: MonicaF.com and the few exceptional projects within the porn “industry” itself that may come my way, I’ve made the decision to try to move my life into the fields of Wellness and Beauty (via cosmetology & massage therapy - of which I’m hoping to start school for in the summer). Of course I’ll continue with the online talk shows that I’m working on (and TRYING to re-launch) in regards to informing people within and outside of the adult industry as to “what’s really up” - but I know that as I age, cosmetology and massage therapy are 2 fields that I can excell in, will find satisfaction in and inner completeness in and have a bit of longevity in.

It’s amazing how when you try to do what you know is the right thing for yourself, the “devil” tends to rear his head to try to throw you off.

You would THINK that my blog readers, website members, cam show viewers and myspace “friends” would be supportive of this choice - WRONG. Instead you have a bunch of self serving, shady, weird assholes out there who try to instead of saying “go girl !” , say “hey that’s great - how about you fly up for a weekend and “hang out” and I’ll help you pay for your school”. Yes - this blog is specifically pointed towards you piece of crap readers out here who made the ILLEGAL “offer” and you’re lucky I don’t publish your name and phone numbers on this blog so people know who you are and what you’re about. Hell, oneday I still MIGHT!

I’ll tell you, you would THINK that considering all the crap happening with our countries economy and world as a whole that people would have learned by now that attempting to take advantage of a situation when you know damn well you shouldn’t is WRONG! Apparently some people just can’t stop OR they simply refuse to LEARN.

Right now a lot of adult industry professionals - namely porn performers and strippers are having a VERY hard time and many are being VERY TEMPTED to ILLEGALLY work as a prostitute. I’m not against anything that is LEGAL - however in 99% of our country prostitution is NOT LEGAL so it truly shouldn’t be done unless in a LEGAL enviroment. Many porn girls and strippers are feeling FORCED and PRESSURED into doing something ILLEGAL by the “JOHN’s” themselves and it needs to stop.

Don’t be fooled - these JOHN’s are not willing to pay in the HIGH HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS for women and men they normally wouldn’t ever have a chance with - they are essentially paying PENNIES on the DOLLAR for girls who rates were once 1000 plus an hour. I urge women out there who work in the adult world, but who don’t want to do anything illegal to SEEK OUT OTHER OPTIONS! They DO exist (webcam shows, creating your own website, finding a job outside of the adult biz for now to supplement) .YES you’ll have to work harder than maybe you are used to but it is WORTH IT!

Recently someone (a girl I know AND fellow “pornstar”) who I thought was smart AND a friend who I offered to build a website for and assist in getting started on webcam shows blatently told me “I’d rather just go fuck some guy for half an hour and make $200 than sit at home on my webcam to make money”. What a total and complete dumb ass and disappointment - glad I found out what she was about sooner than later though.

Hell - I think true pornSTARS who are working for rates well below the norm should stop working until the economy improves because eventually it will and when it does - the stupid bullshit that people try to bait you into to make chump change will seem COMPLETELY not worth it.

So in conclusion : DO NOT contact me to try to bait me into being your in person prostitute, because through life experience, I’ve learned that I am WAY better than doing anything ILLEGAL. If I wanted to be a LEGAL prostitute I’d probably just go to the Bunny Ranch.

Also do not contact me to say “hi” via IM unless you are in an active camshow from me because just like how you have a job and don’t like your time being wasted at work , and just like how you don’t go to work for free NEITHER DO I. Respect that.

If this peals away the “illusion” that I’m your “girlfriend” then oh well - apparently you don’t live in reality anyways.

Right now I’m pissed because I do work hard and I’m seeing very little reward for my work and effort right now. I know damn well if I were to do ILLEGAL activity like many adult industry professionals are right now I’d be sitting pretty financially but I’ve chosen not too.

Whether people want to acknowledge this or not - porn IS acting - it’s physical and verbal ACTING - it is NO different than being an “action hero” AND it’s out there for everyone to see. I’m starting to think that the biggest reason prostitution IS NOT legal in the USA is because the providers are nearly forced to “out there” via their advertising and websites and such where as the “Johns” are able to remain a bit TOO annonymous.

I say if you wanna pay for sex - then be like a porn-star and put your name OUT THERE so that people (including your girlfriends or spouses and or co-workers) KNOW what you’re about. If you’re willing to pay for sex, why are you trying to hide mother f*****s?!?!?! The government should probably legalize prostitution at this point, tax it and then create a public registry for providers and the John’s and issue licenses of some sort to both parties.

So in conclusion , I'm simply saying - respect that I'm ONLY a pornstar and cam girl - if you want to chat then you shouldn't have a problem paying per minute. If you have a problem with this - don't bother me or find someone else - better yet get some social skills and find an ACTUAL GIRLFRIEND - not sure how? - Call me and I'll TELL YOU HOW as long as you pay per minute. My free time is for my boyfriend and friends and family - my PAID time on cam - which I'm glad to give when I'm able to - is for you.