Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ok, well today could have been a day of camshows but it wasn't. Mainly because I've been slacking on getting me online show Real Exotic Dancers Talk Back ( relaunched so I figured I'd dig into that.

In my attempt to make the show much more professional than it was when I initially started it, I decided to implement my "green screen" technology - ugh - what a freakin task - my main delay in getting the screen to work properly with my webcam graphics software has to do with my lack of a proper lighting system. After tinkering with different lighting techniques and camera techniques for over 2 hours I finally got it working about 70% properly - once I have a little extra dough I will head over to IKEA and try to find something along the lines of hanging or ceiling mounted halogin lights to get a good continuous lighting effect.

Back when first launched RedTback I was broadcasting through - well for whatever reason, now I can't get their interface to work with my webcam setup SO I've decided rather than going back and forth endlessly with their tech support to migrate the show to - I will probably set up the weekly live show for on as well - we'll see...

I'm reading a new book - "the Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren - I've only gotten through the intro being that I don't have much spare time to really read a lot of books nowdays, but I'm totally hooked into the book just from the first page so I'm sure I'll have more to say about it later as I read more. The author of this particular book suggests that you only read 1 chapter per day (which will be hard for me to do because when it comes to anything I get into in life - I have a severe lack of patience). There are 40 chapters so getting through the book will take 40 days - the author mentions in the intro that "40 days" may be a spiritually siginificant amount of time (ie: the great flood in the bible being 40 days, Moses spending 40 days on Mt. Siani , etc) so I'll probably need to get into another book simultaneously while reading this one so that I'm not tempted to read ahead.

It's funny - when I was younger (especially from around age 10 to 16) I was a "book-aholic" - I'd read 3 to 4 books per week - I suppose I have my parent's intellectual natures to attribute that towards.

Though I'd have liked to upgrade my video and photo equipment prior to beginning the development of another website I'm hoping to launch to showcase other beautiful ethnic women in a "softcore erotic" style - I've decided to take the bull by the horns and just use the technology and know how I already have to get started. I've met a few women in the biz I'd have liked to work with but unfortunately they are all beyond unmotivated and flakey SO I put up a few ads to try to find some women who are interested in working with me - hopefully I'll find a few - realistically I only need 6.

Well time to get back to work on relaunching Real Exotic Dancers Talk Back - hopefully I'll get everything setup properly tonight to be able to relaunch the show tomorrow.