Thursday, April 02, 2009

Well yesterday I was on RudeTV yet again - check out the archive here:

I shouldn't have worn that turtleneck sweater but oh well...I actually had a good time - the host and hostess of the show were both really cool and into the adult biz "gossip" so that always makes for a fun convo - PLUS I totally kept my clothes on - no titty or booty flashes at all.

Today is going to be my house cleaning day because my apartment is a wreck - how this happened I'm not sure, but it's time to fix it.

Tonight I'm going to try to do a few run throughs with my online talk shows because I have to get those up and running again by the first few weeks of this month so we'll see...

Online tonight I found something that proves my point as to how not only are black women VERY limited in the adult biz - we are also painted in the worst ways possible 9 out of 10 times:

I would never be on that website or shoot for that studio.

I have a feeling that I've been cast in the better roles my short time in the adult biz. I'm glad.