Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today (Wednesday - yes I'm writing this blog a little late) was "hangover recovery" day, because Tuesday night was one hell of a party night :)
In the beginning of the day, my agency (Type 9) sent me a text message about an industry party to raise funds to "save porn" (truthfully I don't think the porn industry is in any danger - it's just going through a restructuring phase like just about every other industry in this country right now). I'm not one to turn down an invite to a good party and since I try to get to 1 to 2 social "events" a month I figured this would be fun thing to go to, plus industry parties are always a great networking venue as well.

My boyfriend and I wound up getting to the party at around 10:30 and about 3 vodka redbulls and 1 vodka shot later I was TRASHED (but at least I looked good). It was really cool to see so many people from the industry that I've worked with before and it was also nice to meet some new people. I ran into a few girls that I'd never met who are with the same agency as myself, but I've gotta say that London Keys stood out the most - she is a BILLION times hotter in person than her photos (and her photos are very pretty).

Tomorrow I have a video shoot as a "strap on domme". Yes I know I said that I wouldn't be doing many more xxx videos, but hey, I'm not getting fucked in this one :)

This weekend will be eventful, I'll be going to a concert series called Coachella for the first time and I'm very excited. I'll take lots of pics and videos while at the event to post here when I get back.