Monday, April 27, 2009

Well it looks as though I've had 2 rather eventful weekends in a row...actually in this case I've had a busy week in general. In the beginning of the week I had a couple house guests for 2 nights - the (yes and I will use the term "famous" because at this point it's apropriate) Famous biologicial mother and daughter of porn...Elli and Desi Foxx - actually I encourage all you readers out there to visit their website

Elli and Desi get a lot of criticism from the adult industry out here in Los Angeles - probably because Desi has been intelligent enough not to allow anyone to get enough of a foothold in their world to be able to "own" them, like myself, but unlike many adult industry "icons" out there. I have a lot of respect for these 2 ladies - they are definite bold, beautiful and strong risk takers - so having them spend a couple days in town at my place is always welcome change of pace in "Monica Foster land".

Friday night was rather mellow and Saturday was a great webcam show day thankfully, so Saturday night I decided to venture out a bit with a friend of mine and hit up an adult industry sponsored party that I was invited to courtesy of my agency Type9models at a club called Opera here in Hollywood, CA.

It was a nice event, it was more of a "mainstream populace" rather a than a "porn party" but truthfully that made it all the better. Jayme, one of the agents from Type9 did a really good job making sure everyone from Type 9 who showed up had a place to hang out and feel comfortable in the club. I saw a few familiar faces of whome I've worked with and haven't worked with - notably Rayne Rever, Naomi Banxxx & Jenny Hendrix - all of which (including myself) somehow look better in person than in photos. It's so ironic how mainstream actors and actresses usually look worse than their publicity photos where as adult actors and actresses often are much better in person than their photos and videos.

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful "California dream date" day with my boyfriend. We wound up checking out the beach near where I live which I hadn't really spent much time exploring. That evening we had dinner at a nice restaurant and at the end my take home leftovers got wrapped us as a tin-foil bunny ... only in Los Angeles :)
Today it's back to work, but after such a nice weekend, I'm very energized and motivated.

Oh, by the way - all Club Monica members starting tomorrow will have a chance at the "pre-release" of my comic book porn scene for !