Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not much to blog about today. Actually I will say "thank you" to those who sent me a few notes of encouragement considering my most recent "pity party" blog. At times I need to vent and being that I live in an apartment with thin walls where I can't (or at least won't do so out of consideration to my neighbors) scream and throw dishes , I resort to ranting about personal trials, situations, feelings and other things in my "Monica" blog. Probably not the BEST way to save myself from personal embarrassment overall, but oh well :)

Since I'm really psyched about doing this massage therapy course (I decided against the cosmetology for now) as soon as possible I wrote yesterday about being in search of a "regular job", so I can pay for the course find my "regular job employment" within that field. After taking some time out last night and really thinking about where to search for employment, I'm thinking that since I need to keep up with all of my online stuff, my best bet is to find bartending gig (preferably in walking distance because I can't see myself having to drive in this LA traffic on a 3 to 4 day a week basis). I've responded to a few want ads so I'm sure I'll hear at least something from 1 place by the end of the weekend.

Almost forgot, today I'm meeting with a girl I know about getting her website together, she's already fairly "established" in the porn world so I'm looking forward to doing her site, she definitely needs new photos so I'll throw that in with the package I put together for her (it'll be nice to have the shots for my portfolio as well).

Well time to get to work, will be on webcam tonight, other than that I think it'll be a good day.