Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm the type of person who was raised to go above and beyond to be helpful and nice to others. As I've aged, and traveled through life's experiences, I've learned that being "nice and kind and helpful" is a good way to live and be - it creates a positive vibe in your surroundings, makes others around you feel good and generally putting out positivity allows life to reflect that positivity right back to you.

However unfortunately there are those in this world who are self serving PIGS who target those who want to do good, and attempt to take advantage of the "nice kind and helpful" people. The these assholes have the nerve to try to guilt trip "nice kind and helpful" people when such people finally have enough sense to see through their maniuplations.

I'm rambling about such PIG people today because I had to tell off someone with an ego the size of Texas today. Truthfully, it was very draining energy wise, but I'm glad I did because I'm very focused on being successful this year and I don't want anyone or anything weighing me down.

I hope my blog readers enjoy the above photo. It's from a set I took this afternoon. I love having short hair again. I will not be wearing a weave again for quite some time. Oh , and for all you fashionistas out there - the bikini? It's by: TARGET (12.99 for the top and 12.99 for the bottoms) - you can catch me in it this Memorial Day weekend.