Monday, May 18, 2009

Well, here's an interesting piece of news for those of you out there (like myself) who don't have a TV and therefor are clueless as to the up to date happenings of today's pop culture. It looks like Playboy has crowned it's 50th Anniversary 2009 Playmate of the year, and though they try to soften the facts to make her more "acceptable" to America by noting her ethnicity as her father being Swedish and her mother being a native of Tanzania, the Playmate of the year, Ida Ljungquist, this year is a BLACK GIRL! I am shocked, but then again, maybe I'm not considering that Playboy has always kept up with the political pace. I suppose that Hef thought to himself "Hmmm, well the President of the USA is half white and half African so I suppose I should make the 50th anniversary Playmate something of the like".

I'm very happy for this girl, but I will openly admit, that I am very very very jealous. For doing ONE nude pictorial and possibly Hef, she received $100,000, a new Mazda 6, and a bottle of Patron. I'd settle just for the car and the Patron. Supposedly she was discovered on Rodeo drive in a Bebe store. WTF - I and other women bust their asses in the adult world and get paid chump-change and all this girl has to do is hang out at a mall and she hits the big time? I can't even afford to SHOP at the mall. Either her "discovery" story is fake or she's just got the luck of the Irish - or maybe the Swedish?

Anyways today was relatively uninteresting. I got a call from someone who supposedly has connections for adult print work - I could barely hear the cat on the phone and he didn't give a last name - then he said he'd call me back in 5 mins and never did. Typical industry flakes and weirdos. Then I logged in for webcam shows. Then I logged out. Then I trimmed my hair a little more, and then logged back in for camshows. That was my Sunday - whoopee.

I've gotta figure out how I can get it together financially, it's ridiculous at this point. Someone close to me recently said something to me along the lines of if you don't have it together by 30, then you probably never will. That made me feel really bad because I'm 30 and I definitely don't have it together yet. I don't know if I ever will. To all my blog readers who are parents out there: PLEASE teach your kids at a young age about money, credit, business, etc - my parents are great but money is something that they never educated me about and I think that's why it's always been my biggest problem and issue.

I decided today, that if I am not on solid ground money wise by December, I'm moving out of Los Angeles area. If I can't cut it here, then that's just how it is. Just another lesson learned.

Oh, before I forget, I will be working a booth and "signing" (though I don't know what the hell I'm gonna sign or if anyone would even WANT me to sign anything for them) at Erotica-LA. So if you're in the area, come on by. Debating whether to sport my new short hair look for the event or to throw some extensions back in - we'll see.

I recently came across a porn from Elegant Angel I will definitely have to watch. It's called "Busty Cops on Patrol" - it looks funny as hell (a cross between Cops and Reno 911)), and probably has some killer sex scenes in it as well considering the cast - 2 of my favorite female adult stars are in it in fact: Jada Fire and Shyla Styles). I love the work this studio puts out - I always wanted to be in one of their movies but alas, they've never called to book me. Check out the trailer here.

Well it's about 3:20am and technically Monday, so I'm going to end this cynical blog and get back to my webcam. Later this morning I may reward myself with a swim, there's few things more calming than floating in a pool and looking at the sky.