Friday, May 01, 2009

It's only about 3:45pm and I've already had a pretty full day. This morning I had 2 wrestling matches with a company I work with as a "sexy female wrestler" from time to time called DT Wrestling. Whew! Working with DT is a workout every time. I love these peeps.

Today my opponent was miss Akira - I'll post some photos of the match. Actually if any of you guys want to see me wrestle you can always request a custom match from the company featuring yours truly :)

Looks like the lil wayne music video I was in is out. I'm only in the video for about 1 second towards the end (pause the video at 4:33 and look at the bottom left of the screen - I'm wearing a pink, purple, black and white dress that ties at the neck and I'm dancing by the car). I'll take a screen shot of where I am and circle myself later :)

Looks like this Tuesday I have an audition for recurring character in a mainstream series set to air on the Showtime so wish me luck :)

Today at 2pm (PST) I had my 3rd weekly Club Monica members webcam show for the week (yep, Club Monica members get 3 free 1 hour shows a week!). After my nap I'll be on cam tonight to TTYL!