Saturday, May 09, 2009

Today is a typical bright, sunny and low humidity Los Angeles day (and I'll tell you, it's SO motivational to wake up to so many days like this). I'll be doing webcam and website work until the late evening so I won't be actually going out to "enjoy the day", but it's nice to look at the window and know that it's THERE.

I spent a nice couple of hours by the pool yesterday after getting some website templates completed for a friend of mine's site I'm building. Then in the evening I was scheduled to participate in the "Not the Cosby's XXX" commentary along with Will Ryder (director), Misty Stone (Denise) and Thomas Ward (Cliff). It was good to see Will, Misty and Thomas again - I actually hadn't seen any of the cast in quite some time.

Though I'm not going to say much in this blog about the contents of the movie itself (as it should be a surprise), it is FANTASTIC! Everything in the movie is far above the typical "porn bar". From the truly comedic (and slightly ironic) writing, to the constancy with the era it is staged in, to the wardrobe and set design, to the video quality (composition and lighting), to the editing, to the casting, to the actual ACTING (Misty Stone, Thomas Ward, T-Reel, and Tyler Knight REALLY stand out), to the quality and energy of the sex scenes - EVERYTHING in this movie is great. I haven't seen EVERY porn spoof, but of all of the ones I've seen, this one is THE BEST. Oh, and I'm not just saying that because I'm in it - well - maybe I am - you'll have to buy it and see it for yourself :)

Not the Cosby's XXX is being touted as becoming the "most popular interracial sex movie ever". Well if so, that's great, because I'm beginning to wonder if interracial sex porns are a gauge as to how "America" views the acceptability of interracial relationships. Many people are unaware of this, but within the porn industry there is a certain "stigma" attached to a Caucasian performer, working with an African-American performer.

Many Caucasian women AND men in the business specifically request not to work in the "interracial market" and if you read some of the adult industry forums like you'll start to see pretty quickly that many Caucasian performers, directors, studio owners, etc have a very negative view and outlook on African-Americans - I personally feel this mentiality has nothing to do with my ethnicity's "sexual or hygienic practices", but that this negative out lash has more to do with the attacker's feeling of self inadequacy.

It's actually very disappointing to learn that many agent's feel their Caucasian performer's value will "go down" by him or her working with African-Americans. I suppose this way of thinking has been a primary factor as to why I will be very rarely (if ever) shooting any adult scenes for any other website or DVD with the exceptions of those I put out independently.

I'm actually starting to wonder if race relations are truly getting better with time, or worse with time...especially in recent times. I have a friend on the east coast that I speak with regularly - she works as an exotic dancer. She's currently in NC and has had one hell of a time finding a club to work in. She's very attractive with a great body. Being that she's a chocolate brown African-American woman however, 3 of the major clubs in the area have turned her down for work. 1 club in particular had the hostess tell my friend that the manager wasn't available, but then when 2 more (Caucasian) girls came in to audition, he was magically available.

I suggested to my friend that she allow me to interview her for my website: so that we can document the names of these clubs and her experiences. The adult entertainment loving public NEEDS TO KNOW.