Thursday, September 10, 2009

I haven't blogged in a while, and truthfully I don't have much to blog about (which is good - I'm hitting a nice & even tone in my life, which is a nice contrast to the steep peaks and valleys I've been dealing with over the past year or so).

I've basically been working hard to keep my bills paid and hopefully in time sock away enough to cover a massage therapy course I'd like to take. One of my goals is to move into the field of health and wellness along with being a bts (behind the scenes) adult industry professional.

This summer has been slow, but I'm surviving and that's all that's important. Readers, please get as many webcam shows with me as you can possibly take :)

Sometimes I feel as though I could be in a such a better financial position if I were willing to compromise certain things about myself, of which I have in the past, but will no longer at present or in the future. When I really contemplate how the money I could be earning, weighs against how I feel about myself however, I can EASILY turn a blind eye to the money. Feeling good about myself, life, situation, and having a high self worth is much more important to me nowadays.

I invite you to read and watch the videos on my latest blog entry:

The interview in the video really affected me, and I'm very upset with the fact that there are people in the world, specially in AMERICA who really believe it's OK to treat a human being as Tanner has been treated. These particular men who Tanner had the misfortune to "work with" - are nothing but the gateway to sex slavery in America - that's right - they are basically slave traders. Not all men in porn are like the ones Tanner mentions, but quite a few unfortunately are.

What people don't often realize when it comes to porn, is that many of the men who work in porn, are not just in the business of selling a product featuring a sex act, they are also in the business of psychologically manipulating the young women that they work with to further their profits (via pimping the talent, robbing the talent, etc).

If these assholes who worked with Tanner want to play the sex slavery game, then they should go to the 3rd world and stop victimizing women who truly are "barely legal" in this country who are trying their best to survive in the adult industry.

So to end on a "happy" note, I've pretty much narrowed down where in the country to relocate to from here in about 6 months. Keep reading if you want to find out where I'm off to next :)