Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today has already begun to shape up to be a very good day even though it's only about 1:30am PST (I live on vampire time currently).

A cool new website called: http://mypornprofile.com/ featured me, my site and one of my "do it yourself" photo pictorial videos - THANK YOU - I am always flattered when people think my weird eccentricities when it comes to things I do with my website are cool.

Next week (hopefully) I will be introducing some new "friends of Monica". It will not be something that you expect - at all. But it will be very entertaining.

I've come to realize that many are unclear as to "where I really stand" when it comes to certain issues within the adult industry. Well, my thoughts as to where I stand are constantly evolving - but the few things that I'm firm on are that:

  • No one deserves to be abused - mentally or physically
  • No one deserves to be ripped off - especially the talent being that it's the talent that keeps the adult industry afloat.
  • People under the age of 18 should not be exposed to adult material.
  • If a talent (or anyone) in the adult industry wants "out" - there should be resources funded by the millions of dollars that the adult entertainment industry generates to assist them into merging back into "mainstream" society.

    I love the adult industry - not just porn though - webcamming, exotic dancing, erotic literature, etc.

    I now know though, that many in the adult industry from the "old wanna-be nuevo riche mere decade old mob" school seriously dislike me for creating GettingIntoPorn.com. I can understand why - especially after receiving several email messages and myspace messages basically telling me that I've "told some secrets". Sorry but in this day and age an industry that generates as much money as the adult industry does, and an industry that is as influential as it is, there shouldn't be any "secrets". Especially when working in such an industry can effect a person's health and future as much as it does once they work within it.

    Initially some of the backlash made me nervous, as some of it was rather threatening (hell I'm a single woman on her own living in Los Angeles), but now - it just tells me that I'm on the correct path and that I need to just continue doing my thing the only way I know how - independently and my way.

    I do need to ask that the individuals who run FreakyDeak.com not contact me any further with messages saying things along the lines of "On this site gettingintoporn you're giving some valuable information away... Wonder what my boys in Cali gonna think of that?". First off being that you're based out of Chicago and your site features some of the worst of the worst content, so I doubt anyone in California really cares what you think, but even if they did, and you or someone else attempted to bother me, keep in mind I save every email and message that I receive. If anything unusual were to happen to me in my life, it would be very easy for those who care about me to figure out that who may have been the initiator.

    So on a side (and happy) note - I'm still working on my XXX DVD review site: www.PornWorthWatching.com - still have more reviews to do before I launch it, but like my other sites, it will be fun and entertaining.