Saturday, September 12, 2009

The past and current business model of which porn studios have been using for the past few decades is now dead. The industry ITSELF is FAR from being done, however the restructuring has clearly begun and anyone who hasn't switched gears by now who is an adult industry professional is essentially out of a job.

Since entering the adult industry as a porn "talent" in March of 2008 I've had a front row seat in witnessing the beginning of the industry's collapse and now rebuilding. I came into this industry very naive, but now my eyes are open - WIDE open and considering the details I now see which I didn't notice before, especially when it comes to the treatment and blatant exploitation of women, I'm pissed.

I will be posting the first part of a blog (well this one is more of an investigative report) on my blog: tomorrow about a company (which now is no longer in business), that I believe MAY HAVE scammed and/or professionally damaged their headline talent and any additional talent which they may have "signed".

Fortunately in this situation they lost their funding (supposedly) before even getting off the ground, even though their ads were already purchased and printed in various adult industry trade magazines. Essentially this company not only attempted to start a porn company based on a business model which is no longer relevant, but they ALSO have jumped on the "work with us and you'll own your own website" bandwagon - which is turning out to be a falsification that many adult content companies are now utilizing lure in new talent with.

How have I come to the conclusion that this company has been most likely lying to their most recent (and potential) talent? Well, their recruiting tactics are questionable considering the ad I found that they posted on under the mainstream "tv/film/radio" jobs section looking for "reality tv" talent. Um, if they were a PORN company why wouldn't they openly say so and put the posting under the "adult gigs" section of craigslist? Also why didn't they mention in the ad that they were a porn company? That ad gives the appearance they're trying to lure in unsuspecting girls who normally wouldn't consider doing adult work...NOT GOOD.

Furthermore, how in the hell does a person "own their own website" and have a ad active and in print in magazines with the website address, yet then when the company tanks, the website suddenly becomes completely inactive and is REMOVED by the company of which was hosting it. I mean COME ON - if this company's talent OWNS their websites, when the company goes out of business, wouldn't they have notified the talents, and wouldn't the talents have called up or a company of the like, signed up for a hosting package and transferred their domains and content to their new hosting company?

Actually this recent event makes me wonder if the TALENT in the ads was charged with the EXPENSIVE advertising fee that a magazine would charge, and if this company is holding their domains and content hostage until they "work off" the debt. I sure hope not because this tactic is pointless being that THOUSANDS of dollars in potential earnings for their (ex?)talent have been lost already due to the sites being inactive.

See here's the problem - a few people in porn know what I know, but not many. However I'll put it out there for the less intelligent (or for you readers who aren't hip to the porn biz): One of the few porn business models that will continue to make money is the business model of the "SOLO, DO IT YOURSELF, OWN YOUR OWN SHIT webcam girl". Sorry porn guys, but unless you are a SMART GIRL who is actually willing to put in the hours and WORK HARD this business model will not work for you.

A COACHED girl is not going to fool any porn connoseur no matter HOW HARD you try to make it LOOK like she's doing it all herself when in reality SHE IS NOT. How do I know this? Well I've been a webcam girl since around 2002 so I basically have a doctorate in "solo girl marketing" and I have the inside scoop from the viewers as to what they like, don't like and notice.

So, being that the porn ship is sinking and certain "professionals" are drowning and grasping at anyone and anything to get that final gulp of air before they go under, I have a feeling that MANY more people will try their one, last final scam. Not much can be done about it, but I've decided that as I come across these scams, I'm going to write about them on the blog.

My upcomming site: will be launching soon. It's just a simple and dirt cheap service I've created for adult industry talents who want a website that they truly do OWN. No one deserves to be ripped off, especially in these times - and I'm sick and tired of people who have ENOUGH money continuing to take advantage of and ROB people who have very little, if anything.