Friday, August 24, 2007

Last night was "ladies night" to the extreme.

I called up my friend Erica and we decided to hit a club called Pangea over at the Hard Rock casino. Ladies were supposed to drink free till 12am. Well Pangea's ladie's night SUCKS - why? Because the only "free drink" that ladies could have was a mixer with vodka. I HATE vodka - but I was already there so I suffered through 3 vodka cranberries.
A networking event was going on at the club that night, so I managed to get a few business cards passed out, which was cool - met an actor and a supposed "music video director" who was interested in having my friend Erica dance in the video - I told her to be careful but I hope the opportunity works out for her.
At around 12:30am we left Pangea and hit the "center bar" in the casino - my favorite bartender AJ was there, and he hooked us up with 2 more vodka cranberries - at this point in the night, the vodka really wasn't so bad.
Around 1am I called up a local boy I know (and supposed pro. gambler), "Jesse James", who I fucked once in the past - I figured I'd try to get a party crew together before Erica and I hit downtown Fort Lauderdale - what a mistake.

We stopped by Jesse James' place around 1am - over the phone he said he had more vodka at his place - but he didn't of course. However he had Jagermeister and Red bull so I made Erica and I a couple jagerbombs to keep our buzz going.
Now when I drink I tend to talk A LOT and I get very analytical, blunt and honest. At some point in the hour or so I was at Jesse James' crib I think I dissed him in some way, I'm not sure, but I'll tell you this:
Before Erica and I left, he and I started to mess around , and in the middle of the actual sexual act, he proclaims "your body won't let me fuck you".
Ok, guys, maybe it's just me, but if a girl is on your bed, naked, legs spread, excited and is saying "fuck me" HOW IN THE HELL is her body not letting you fuck her?
I think Jesse James has some sexual issues that he needs to address. Impotence - maybe. Insecurity issues - definitely (he wouldn't turn on the light in his room). Used to paying for it rather than having it given to him - most likely (he hangs in strip clubs and goes to vegas frequently so you know what's up with him and the hookers).
This dude also asked me, "how many guys have lied to you and told you that you're good in bed". Well - considering that I'm incredibly hot, sexy and smart to boot, I could just lay there and I'm still incredible in bed :) Some people just don't know when to drop to their knees and thank god...
Oh, by the way, Jesse James' roommate is HOT - I didn't realize how hot he was before when I met him. Erica gave him her number. She and I should take him out sometime.
Anyways because I was so toasted at that point the incident didn't phase me. Erica and I left and hit downtown fort lauderdale's Art Bar where there were yet more free drinks. They have a kick ass ladies night!!! Oh, AND they have a stripper pole too - yea!!!!!
We had a blast. So all and all Thursday night was great.

Today I've been thinking about where I'm going professionally. First and foremost I'm so tired of being poor and broke so I have to figure out how to turn that around quick. At the same time though, I don't want to compromise who I am and what I'm okay with .
I need to find out who hires girls like Bobbi Billard and Christine Dolce - that's my niche.