Sunday, August 05, 2007

Reasons...some people say things just are - well that's possible - I believe anything and everything is possible but I personally feel that there are concrete reasons for everything. A reason for why we are who we are, why we do what we do , why we say what we say, etc.
I'm going to pull the Martin Luther King card and say "I had a dream". I actually had a very very very vivid dream last night about something personal, that I probably shouldn't be aware of but am - and if the dream is accurate, then I can see very clearly why my life has been and is as it is, where I'm going and the reason as to why.
God - I believe in God and I believe that we all have a definite purpose set for us, whether it's a purpose that we agree with and want or not. Now do we have choices and free will? Of course - it's a really intricate pattern as to how it's all interlaced, but choice, free will and pre-destination all work together.
I think God/the powers that be decided to show me a part of my reason for being because I was about to give up.
To conclude this blog, my advice to anyone reading this is to not give up on your dreams, because your dreams put you on a course to find out why you're really here in this world. I questioned my exhistance for a long time, now I know part of the reason "why".
It will be interesting to see when the reason why finds me and how.