Monday, August 27, 2007

So tonight I got to meet Dennis Rodman in person while he was on his way to the bathroom at Voodoo Lounge in Fort Lauderdale. That make's a total of 2 major NBA players (Dennis and Shaq) that I've been able to come across in a social setting - how funny.
Tonight was yet another fun night out with my friend Erica. After resting up this afternoon and doing cam shows all night tonight I felt the urge to go out - maybe it was the full moon.
I called up my girl Erica and since she was down to go out (and this was around 2am) we decided to get dressed and hit some clubs. Initially we were going to go to Oxygen down in Coconut Grove, but due to lack of funds for gas, we decided that Downtown Fort Lauderdale would be our best bet.
Voodoo Lounge has a drag queen show on Sundays so stopped by and wound up staying till closing. The show was GREAT and the crowd was awsome. You don't have to be gay to party there at all - it's just a really good and positive vibe with awsome DJ's and great music. I wound up meeting a really cool male model and his boyfriend who hopefully me and Erica will get to hang with sometime soon (but that's for another night of partying).
After Voodoo and Dennis Rodman, Erica and I needed to wind down so we hit the hard rock center bar for a couple drinks and cigerettes. That was chill. The Hardrock will always be the best after party wind down scene.
Well it's about 6am, so back to the cam shows and other projects.