Thursday, August 09, 2007

Today I shot the first samples of swimwear for my online catalog and the photos look great. I will edit them while I do cam shows tonight and hopefully have the site up and running by Saturday evening.
I hope that this lingerie/swimwear catalog is successful. I really could use the extra income, either way though, the whole thing has been a great learning experience for me in respect to the world of business.
One of the models I shot today photographed SOOOOO well. Both girls I shot were attractive but this girl, Carrie, had a very unique quality. She had a good personality as well. It's great to meet other women who are attractive but self assured - very rare.
It is so freakin hot down here in South Florida. I wouldn't mind taking a vacation to somewhere a bit cooler.
I'm going to forget about trying to find a "bootycall" because apparently the powers that be, are preventing that from happening anyways. It's probably for the best - II don't need to be promiscuous - I'm too pretty for that :)