Monday, August 06, 2007

Well, this week should be fairly busy. I really want to work as much as possible towards the completion of the online catalog. I also want to add some much needed new features to my website.
I'm hoping by the end of the week I can afford the new computer I so desperately need. We'll see :)
Early this afternoon I have to make the dreaded drive to South Beach. Ugh, I hate going there. It's so freaking pretentious, but hey, I have to follow the money.
By the end of the month I need to have enrolled in a gym. I've gotta get in tip top shape. I want to get my breast implants by th end of the year, so I want to be in top knotch condition for that.
Later today I also want to start my website Monica Memorabilia auctions and I need to find out about a high end printer for my erotic art.
I've had 2 excellent job offers over the past 2 days. Unfortunately they were both for high end porn projects. I'm definitely not moving into the direction of porn, so I Had to turn both proejcts down. Maybe oneday a good mainstream gig will come my way. Staying positive and optimistic :)
This Thursday I'll probably be going out with my new friend Erika - that'll be a ton of fun, I'll be sure to take some pics to add to my blog :)