Saturday, September 22, 2007

I am so happy that things in my life are finally beginning to come together as they should financially and on a personal emotional level. Though there are a lot of people both unfamiliar and familiar to me which may not agree as to how I've gone about things in my life, I know I've taken the path that I needed to in order to become the woman I am today (and that woman really ain't that shabby).
As I'm going through the process of really shaping my adult life, I'm starting to realize that there are certain other areas of my life that need to be fixed so I am going to make sure that I set myself, and life up to where these fixes both can and will take place.
I'm going to be very proactive in regards to the areas of my life that I want repaired, so anyone or anything that plans on attempting to stand in my way, may want to think twice because I will not be slowing down or stopping for yellow or red lights.