Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Well today so far has been a busy but happy day. Woke up kind of early, did some work on line and then decided I'd better get that head light changed so I found a local automotive place that did the job pretty cheap, and they were really nice. I might take my car back there later to try to get my AC and air intake fixed later on in the month.
I take back what I wrote a few days ago about not allowing my dad and sister in my life. I guess I just need time to heal after the "release of information" myself. I'm still figuring out life I suppose and in all honesty, I need all the love around me from family that I can manage to have.
My dad sent me a card today. It made my day. I'll be happy for quite a while now.
I have a photo shoot today with Dave Parker photography. I am so used to photographing myself via my "interval timer method", that I'm not sure how I'll do getting back into the studio solely as a model, but we'll see.
Tonight hopefully I can do a "do over" with Amanda. By the end of the day today I will really need a Mango Margarita.
People who don't drink are missing out - I feel that way at least for this stage of my life.