Thursday, September 06, 2007

Today was a VERY busy day. Busy but productive so I'm quite happy.
I'm making some steps in the positive direction in regards to opening a photography studio again. I'm thinking that by the end of the year, if not sooner, I should have that accomplished.
The chef I was supposed to go out with last night acknowledged that he was in the wrong in regards to his late cancellation - that was pretty big of him, but I can't give another chance to a person who has so many preconceived assumptions about me and to someone that insecure from the start. I've already been down that road.
Late today after I had all of my personal work done, I had a chance to photograph an up and coming model who's signed with the Elite agency. I haven't come across someone so focused and driven in a long time. It was refreshing. I think the young man will go far.
I didn't want the time to come, that I would be able to completely let go of my attachment to my sister and father. Unfortunately the time came and went without me realizing it due to their choice of discontinuing contact with me. It actually makes life much simpler this way. I'm glad my mom and I still talk. My mom and other people in my life make my life full enough :)