Monday, September 24, 2007

Though I'm only a social / occasional smoker, I've decided to quit and am sticking to it. Unfortunately it really is difficult. In the past I had a max of 5 cigerettes a day (usually my max would be on the weekend if I was out at a bar or club with friends) and a minimum of 1, maybe even 0 cigerettes a day (usually I'd just light up after a really good meal). I'm quitting though because I I hate being dependent on anyone or anything and in the future if I have children I don't want their mom to be a smoker. Also I want to start a more rigorous workout routine so I need the extra energy and stamina that smoking takes away.
As light of a smoker as I was, the withdrawel symptoms have hit. I guess my lungs are beginning to totally clear and heal because I really do feel like I have a cold. Lots of coughing, sore dry throat, runny nose. Ugh. It sucks. I can deal with the cravings - whenever I want to smoke I just drink a lot of water. I know I'm getting much more oxygen than I did in the past due to some slight dizziness.
Quitting smoking takes some serious will power, but I can do it.
Anyways in other news I have a few modeling gigs coming up so that's good. I can't waitto buy that new video camera I want. Just about a week away from doing so.