Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Well, the chef I was supposed to go out with tonight was a complete loser and flake.
I should post a link to this loser's myspace so that people reading this can see who this person is.
I was so looking forward to going out with him tonight, he seemed really cool and like a quality person. Wrong. This asshole has the nerve to wait until around 9pm tonight to call me and say that he's "shakey" on whether or not to take me out because he doesn't get paid till Friday. Um, if I was looking to just date him for monetary purposes I wouldn't have agreed to go out with him to begin with.
I am so sick and tired of people asumming that because I'm attractive that I'm only looking for a guy with a ton of $$. Maybe that's what I SHOULD look for since that's what's expected.
I 'm also sick of men thinking that I don't have any damn feelings and that it's ok to be as inconsiderate as to wait till the last minute to cancel a date with me.
Does this asshole not have any social skills? I cleared my whole damn night for this fool.
Guys like him are what make women like me into bitches. I just expect too much from people who aren't really worth my time.
I called the guy back and left him a message that he's an idiot and to grow up and that I won't be rescheduling with him. If he's too damn dumb to take his shot with me when he had the chance then let him date average to ugly chicks with kids who are on wellfair like he's probably used too.