Saturday, September 15, 2007

Last night was a ton of fun. I finally had a successful "girls night out" with my friend Amanda. We hit the outside bar over at Nikki Marina across from the diplomat hotel - honestly the scene sucked. NO ONE was there and the few people that WERE there were incredibly annoying. We had one drink and split.
After that, we hit downtown Hollywood and stopped by my old work Coyote Bar. It was ok, but again , the scene sucked guy wise.
I've come to the conclusion that because of the war, all the GOOD guys are overseas and only the cowards without enough balls to join the army are still around. Yuck. No 6 packs I guess untill Bush is out of office. Someone PLEASE bring the troops home! We need men with GOOD bodies back!
I actually got another installment of RED TBACK done yesterda. It's only about 15 mins long but it rocked.
Anyways I didn't drink too much for once and I'm glad. I actually woke up feeling ok today.
Well I better get dressed because I have that photo shoot today. Later people!