Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another long's about 2am and I need to be awake by about 6:30am, but even though I'm tired, overall I'm feeling really alive and energized after an interesting & productive day.
Today I had a video shoot with a company called "Kick Ass" for a foot fetish oriented series. I saw a few of the photo grabs from the shoot and they look fantastic. The director/producer/owner of the company was a really great guy to work with. He made a very relaxed and humorous atmosphere which is important to maintain fr a shoot like that. The male talent I worked with today was awesome. He uses the name Lee Stone and even though at first glance he's a bit of an intimidating man, he's extremely down to earth, very professional, and has an amazing ability to combine humor and sexuality to make for a great scene. 2 thumbs up to u Mr. Stone.
The coolest part of my shoot today (aside from Mr. Stone's fantastic performance) was the "after scene" convo. It's amazing the topics that are brought up during adult video shoots sometimes, but I found today's particularly interesting because the topic brought up dealt with how the porn industry is probably the only industry in which you can be a total "flake and druggy" and if anything are almost expected to be (especially if you're female), yet still consistantly work - at least for a while. I personally think it's the attitude of mainstream america that perpetuates this mentality in the "adult world" because mainstream america WANTS the adult industry to remain completely disfunctional. What's funny about this attitude though, is that from what I've seen, the most successful performers, studio owners, and people of other functions within the adult entertainment world are generally some of the most healthy, goal oriented and ambitious people that I've ever met.
Later this afternoon 3 of my porn comrads made it back into town from driving clear across the country from South Florida - welcome back to Cali Desi, Elli and Ricci!!!!!
Tonight I had a totally hunger satisfying meal with a good friend of mine who's working on putting out a rap/hip hop album. I decided to offer to create a website for him free of cost in exchange for rights to use some of his tracks in some video projects I've working on. I love service bartering :)
I miss my dog Panda so much. I can't wait to get back to Florida just for her.
Tomorrow in the morning I get to work with Vouyer Media again. As of current they're my favorite studio to work with. From beginning to end it's always a smooth ride.
This trip out to Cali this time around seems to be winding up pretty nicely even though it started off kind of rough. I've learned a lot about myself and have been forced to look at certain flaws within myself that in the past I ignored since entering the porn world. I think I've grown a lot as a person both via inner strength and overall maturity - spiritually as well.