Tuesday, May 06, 2008

This week isn't going as planned, but it's cool, gotta maintain my "adaptability". I'd anticipated doing a ton of cam shows for my site monicaF.com , but between me accidently downloading a worm/tojan horse on my main video editing computer over the weekend and me having to fly up to NY for a funeral on Thursday, the cam shows aren't happening. Oh well.
I was looking back at some of my photos from some previous photoshoots and I realized that my hair and weave look really busted. Well, maybe not totally horrible, but not great - so I made a decision today. I'm losing the highlights and streaks - I'm over that stage. Tonight I'm dying my hair jet-black. I haven't had totally monochromatic hair in a LONG time and I love the look of shiney blue-black hair so I'm giving that a try. Hopefully it'll look good when it's done - I do my own hair, so no one else is to blame but me if it doesn't work out. I'll post a photo of the end result.
I've been thinking a lot about my next trip out to L.A. - I really don't know what to expect this time around, especially being that I'm with a new agency. Yea, it's just "porn", but the world of porn is more nerve-racking than most people would think. I just hope I make a lot of money and that everything goes well.