Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Today was a bit of a long day - but a fun day. It was a day of "go-see's" - in other words I and some other girls (sexy Cassandra Cruz and beautiful Maya Gates) from my agency along with our trusty agent Pete (he's such a young hottie and super sweet), had the opportunity to stop in and say "hi" to various adult video studios in the area and ask them to keep us in mind for future projects. Some people think "go-see's" are pointless but I personally like doing them because it's always interesting to meet the different types of personalities that make up the "porn community".
We hit about 7 or 8 studios today - I was really glad to see so many women in "behind the scenes" executive roles in a few of the studios. Hopefully I'll get to work with some of them.
It amazes me as to how sexy a lot of the male directors are in porn (I suppose it's mostly because many are ex-talent and know how to "work it"). One of my favorite shoots to date that I've done was with a hottie named Michael Stefano - it was a POV. I ran into him today at one of the studios during my go-sees and damn, he's fuckalicious...