Saturday, May 03, 2008

This week has been my "party week" - lots of goofing off and going out but I needed it after Los Angeles. I managed to get a lot of rest this week too and I needed it. Even though tomorrow is Saturday, it's back to the grind - cam shows, and website photo and video updates as usual.
Tonight I went out with my friend Fibi Love of for drinks at a place called Blue Martini in Fort Lauderdale. Really nice club but a TOTAL meat market. I met a couple cool guys, but I'm not to quick to put myself totally out there when meeting someon new anymore. Mainly because my lifestyle isn't for everyone and I don't want the drama from the mainstream world that a mainstream guy might create. I had a good time though... nowdays I don't get out to much, so it was good to socialize.
My friend unfortunately drank a bit too much, but I managed to get her home safe. Afterwards I was going to make a pit stop at another friend's house but through some weird events, that didn't happen - there's a reason for everything though. Some old friends are too full of drama or are too high maintanance. People like that are all getting cut out of my life nowdays.