Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fetish is fun, fetish is hot, and apparently the fetish market loves me because today I did another foot fetish oriented shoot. I'm not complaining - I LOVE the fetish/domme arena and the great thing about fetish shoots is the abundance of sexy shoes and accessories that are often on set. Check out these hot shoes I got to wear during my shoot today!

Today I had the opportunity to work with the really creative director/producer/distributor/all around good guy/and owner of JB Promotions. We did 2 intense yet enjoyable shoe/stocking video sets. This guy has great taste in attire and accessories. My favorite part of the shoot was the interview portion though, he made it flow really well. The studio we shot in was really cool - it was probably one of the most professional and well put together studios I've worked in as of yet - and surprisingly the owner was very modest about it.

Tomorrow I get to work with the lovely Vanessa Blue - so be sure to check back for another update soon!