Thursday, May 08, 2008

Well , my hair project was a SUCCESS! Took a LONG time but it was worth it. I straightened and dyed my hair jet black last night and it looks GREAT - I definitely made the right decision to do it. I will have to do a new set of casting photos for my new look :)
Today I head up to NY for a family furneral - will be a quick trip - all in one day. Then when I get back in town I'll just be online doing cam shows and working on my website (as usual - I'm boring).
Today I read in an adult entertainment related periodical about 2 new women who were signed as "Contract" girls to Wicked Pictures. I'm starting to believe that the "contract performer" route is the right one to take in the adult video world. Even if it means less money annually than you would make independently, I think that just the idea of having a contract would make life so much less stressful. I hate the uncertainty of not knowing whether or not I'll have a good amount of bookings on my trips to LA - and it's not just that, it's about the quality of the people that you're working with along with the quality of the finished product as well.
I've decided to start taking nutritional supplements - mainly vitamins. Trying to stay healthy :)