Thursday, May 15, 2008

Well, I don't know whether it's poeple wishing me enough "ill will" to where this happened, of if it's fate or just bad luck. My flight from Fort Lauderdale to LA was ok, I sat next to a relatively nice, yet mildly annoying person on the plane, but I got through it. I got off, the plane, went to the baggage area and my baggage NEVER FUCKING ARRIVED!

EVERYONE ELSE'S fucking BAGGAGE IS HERE but MINE! i EVEN HAD TO PAY $25 DOLLARS extra SINCE MY SUITCASE was OVERWEIGHT, YET the FUCKING Spirit AIrways couldn't DO THEIR DAMN JOB and get my SUITCASE which pretty much contained MY LIFE in it to Los Angeles.

That suitcase had ALL my best clothes, my makeup, some of my shoes, my toiletries, EVERYTHING. Of course the people who work for the airline are little help. I had to fill out a "Report" for them to track it down. Well fuck that. I'm NOT LEAVING THIS AIRPORT until I HAVE MY SUITCASE!!!!!!

Tomorrow I'm booked to do an adult video shoot at 12pm. Can I do it now? NO! Because my suitcase which SPIRIT AIRLINES LOST has my makeup and all my CLOTHES and HAIR STUFF and WARDROBE in it.

I guess I will be living at LAX until I get my suitcase with my life in it, because there's no point for me to check into a hotel and spend money if I can't do my video shoot tomorrow and MAKE MONEY to cover my expenses.

DO NOT fly SPIRIT AIRLINES EVER. They are horrible people who don't care about people's lives and who shrug off their mistakes.