Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's been a stressful week, but a productive one. Today's Saturday, a memorial day weekend Saturday to be exact, in LA and I have nothing to do. Boredom to the max.....

Last night my radio interview with SportsSwami was broadcasted - check it out here:

The girl I was sharing a hotel room with, Eli, went home today - I'm glad for her, she had a good few weeks of solid work while she was out here and she was ready to leave, even though she's returning soon. I on the other hand, have had a moderate amount of work, and would like a lot more before I make my way back to Florida.
It's a holiday weekend so not much is happening industry wise, however not much appears to be happening socially either, which isn't too much fun for a single female out of towner.
A girl I met from the "Pornstar Karaoke" the other night, invited me to a party in the Hollywood Hills with her tonight. I'll be meeting her there so all in all the social situation will be a little akward - I hate going places where I don't know anyone - anxiety central. However I need to get out and meet people if I'm going to be working out here frequently so I'm going to buck up and just go.
California is a lot different from Florida socially - in Florida there's ALWAYS something going on so it's easy to meet people. Here, even though it's a transient area like Florida, it's a lot QUIETER. Venues close early, people stay in their homes, there don't seem to be huge entertainment megaplexes like in South Florida. I'm not sure how people go about meeting others here. It's lonely for someone like myself.
When I first arrived here I was staying in North Hills. Today since my "roommate" left town I decided to switch hotels to one a bit more central to where all the studios are here in The Valley.
I figure why stay where I will have nothing but long commutes.
The weather has dramatically changed here since I arrived last week. The first few days I was here it was very hot. Now it's cool and rainy. Still WAY to dry though for my taste.
Well I guess I'll take a nap, then do some cam shows and then go out and try to socialize a bit. Hopefully I'll have some fun tonight.