Friday, May 30, 2008

The funny thing about being in the San Fernando Valley aka "Porn Valley" here in Los Angeles, is that for the most part, while the weather during the day (at least this time of year) is annoyingly consistant, the day to day life - at least as a porn performer - is very inconsistant and unpredictable.
This morning I was scheduled to work with my favorite adult video studio Vouyer Media again to do a box cover shoot, but for some reason the shoot was canceled - hopefully it will be rescheduled before I head back to Florida. In "porn world" being a box cover girl is a fairly big deal, so getting that particular shoot done would be a great thing.
Even though my morning video shoot didn't happen, I still had a busy day because I had a fetish shoot scheduled this afternoon with a company called AMA Content. This shoot consisted of 3 scenes. In the first 2 I got to play "femme domme" type roles and in one I got to use a strap on (my 2nd strap on scene now boys and girls). My male talent, a guy named "Billy" was so cute and fun to work with. The great thing about doing porn is that there's an ENDLESS supply of hot guys of all types. In the 3rd I got to play a big of a submissive role (I got spanked by a hot chick). I'm definitely not a submissive person because though the 3rd scene was fun I'm not down with having a sore ass :( I think in the future I'll stick with being the one to dish out the pain - at least untill I get bored. :P
Though I'm starting to sound like a broken typewriter, I had yet ANOTHER fantastic time on this afternoon's video shoot. The director was great, he recently put together the studio we were working in and the sets looked very authentic. It's so much easier to get into "character" when your surroundings make you feel like the character.
Tonight I pigged out on a double cheese Pizza Hut pizza and a couple ice cold Corona's. Yum.
I've still got to decide what to do at the end of June. I'm thinking my best bet is to just come out here to work for a solid 6 months - I'll sure miss the Florida humidity though because I'm going though lotion like there's no tomorrow out here.
Man I miss my dog Panda. I can't wait to go home.