Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thank you to the readers of my blog for the emails of encouragement. While writing my earlier blog I was a little "depressed" - it's easy for that to happen when you're away from "home".
I think my life is "up in the air" right now, I hate uncertainty. However I'll be finishing up my bookings this week, hopefully a few more will come my way along with the ones I currently have so I can leave with a fatter bank account.
I still want to do "well" in the adult video world. It's just so damn difficult. I guess nothing good comes easily. I have to say a clip of Obama's recent speach in which is substituted for Kennedy @ a graduation kind of lifted my spirits even though it doesn't apply much to the current industry I'm working in. Mainly the part about not being afraid to push for the high paying jobs which can lead to the nice home and monetary stability.