Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Goals - I have a nearly infinite list of things that I want to achieve in life. Some of the goals are short terms, others long term, and still others - I might need to wait till my next life time before I can get to them.

I make lists - LOTS of lists (I'm very methodical in my thought processes) and they're all over my the place in my world and on many different mediums - some are on my computer, others on paper, others written on the palm of my hand in pen (those are spur of the moment ideas and thoughts), some on my dry erase board, etc.

My system of lists and goals works well though - how do I know? Well I've achieved quite a bit in life considering where I come from, and all those achievements came to fruition via my lists leading to the materialization of my goals.

I've never cared too much about money and it's never been in the forefront of my mind - hell, often times it hasn't even occupied ANY portion of my mind. I've always been able to make enough for what I need, when I need it, and I'm very very very grateful for that. I suppose the reason for my never having to need for much, is because by nature I'm not someone who takes more than they need - even when it's been offered. Some people think I'm crazy for being this way, but I consider it being simply...sensible.

My current immediate goals however - 3 in particular of which I have for 2010 will require a bit more financial means than I currently have, so my mind, body and soul is in high gear to materialize those means, and so far things are working out well.

For those of you who regularly read my blog, you probably know what these goals are, but if you don't, I suppose you'll have to go back to prior posts to figure it out. I'll write vaguely about 1 that's on my mind right now though - by the end of 2010 I plan to release my very first XXX compilation DVD and submit it in time for 2011's AVNs.

Initially wanted to produce and release one of the features I've written first, but I've decided against that - baby steps (yes - that's from my favorite movie - "Contact" - which is so worth watching if you haven't seen it).

The theme and idea, which is something that has not been done (at least not that I'm aware of), came to me tonight while I was having a cigarette on my patio. It's such a good concept that I will not be discussing it on any of my websites, on any of my cam shows, or to anyone at all. Hell, I don't think I'll even talk aloud to myself about it. No, I'm not being cocky about this idea, it's just one of those ideas that you know is something that someone who might not even normally think of being an "idea stealer" just might steal.

Anyways this compilation concept will most likely become a series, but I will be the "star" of the first one - mainly because it's essentially an experiment and I'd rather use myself as a guinea pig than anyone else.

OK, well back to work now - and by the way - thank you very much to EVERYONE who showed their support towards me over the past couple of days - it's cool to know that those of you who read my blogs, myspace, twitter, etc... can really tell my moods and specifically when something's wrong. It's good to know that some of you out there realize that I am a real person, who's living a real life (even though it's unusual) and it's even better to know that some of you actually care.

Oh, by the way, I redesigned some elements of my Myspace page: http://www.Myspace.com/monicafoster01 while I was doing cam show this morning and editing photos so check it out or add me to your friends if you haven't already.