Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

This year I'm solo on Christmas, but in the grand scheme of everything, not really. I've had some great holiday phone time with my family and close friends which I'm very grateful for. Plus I have my little dog Panda and my everlasting (15 year old) bird Peaches who are the best holiday and everyday companions anyone could ask for.

As I write this, I'm toasty and warm in my apartment, I have the holiday pop/rock station via blasting and I'm enjoying a morning mimosa. The weather is cold out here in LA, but it's a beautiful crystal clear day.

I think I may go for a little walk later on and I'll be online this afternoon and evening on webcam for all of you out there who want some sexy holiday company.

2010 will be a fantastic year, but 2009 ain't over yet so make the most of it everyone - I sure will be :)