Friday, December 11, 2009

Not much to blog about today, but rather than staying bunked up in my apartment depressed, I got out to a nice dinner with a new girlfriend lil miss Cherry Ferretti - a cool girl who's an adult industry talent who I met through my publicist.

We went to the Cheesecake factory - had a drink and a few appetizers. It was nice to get out and about with someone in a similar station in life who has a brain to go along with her beauty - thanks for being there Cherry!

Now I'm going to get to work on my website and do some shows on my webcam.

It'll take some time for me to "bounce back" from the recent events, but I will. The sun comes up, and the sun goes down regardless and life goes on.

A few friends of mine told me that my last post was a bit too personal and empowered the guy in actuality by my presenting myself as a "crazy porn chick". Well I don't know about being a true "porn chick" (though I suppose officially I am one), but yea, I am a little crazy (mainly very emotional) - many of the most artistic people are - and I think it's my "crazy gene" that's allowed me to take "crazy" and creative risks in life to get me where I want to be and where I want to go against many odds which would have caused others to have thrown in the towel quite some time ago.

I've decided to take my friend's advice however and delete yesterday's blog. The guy isn't worth my mentioning, thinking about or expelling anymore energy or time on. If I'd taken my friend's advice when it was given, and gone with my own intuition, I wouldn't have found myself in the painful and betraying situation to begin with - so...lesson learned. No more loser douchebags.

One thing I've tried to do over the years (and that I feel obligated to do at this point being that I know my readers, fans and friends appreciate it) is allow others to come along on my life journey with me. Through the ups and downs, triumphs and pain.

I don't talk about EVERYTHING in my blogs, but I do talk about a lot because I also want other young women who dare to take the unbeaten path - regardless of what industry it is - to know that the "successful end result" didn't just magically happen. Women like Diana Ross and Halle Berry didn't just wake up "superstars". It takes sacrifice, hard work and disappointment - both in your professional and personal life which out here in Los Angeles is extremely intertwined. Following and attaining your dreams really can almost kill you - physically, psychologically, emotionally and mentally.

Sometimes those you trust and those you think are in your corner in actuality may secretly want to destroy you - and they just might. Sometimes out of fear, other times out of jealousy and sometimes just because they're losers and hate the idea of someone else working towards being a winner. However that's where being strong and having true faith in God, the universe and yourself play in. If you can retain that faith then you will make it - maybe not how you thought you would or even in the capacity of which you initially wanted to "make it", but you'll wind up somewhere positive , bright and beautiful.

Below are a couple cool photos from Angelina Valentine's Website Launch Party