Monday, December 07, 2009

Yesterday my publicist James of Galaxy Publicity totally hooked up myself and many of his other clients to do a promotional and interview spot for the G4 network - that's right G4 the cable channel! The spot will air around late January, and it features myself, Angelina Valentine, Hunter Bryce, Thomas Ward, Cherry Feretti and Lauri Vargas hanging out at a backyard pool party discussing our takes on working in the porn world.

The host and crew were all really cool people, the atmosphere was relaxed and fun, and the icing on the cake of the day was that I had an opportunity to meet the beautiful & legendary Jeanne Pepper - the first black woman to break the color barrier in mainstream/high end adult films along with John Dragon - a photographer and adult content developer who produces beautiful content of past and present adult stars.

I didn't get much sleep the night prior due to the current personal life drama, so when I got home, I crashed and actually got in a solid 8 hours. It was nice and I feel refreshed.

Yesterday morning in my state of anger and confusion (personal drama), I felt the need to do something creative to channel all that psychotic energy into something productive - so I took a new simple photo set. A few of the raw images are on my myspace page, but I'll be posting the edited photos on my website and a few here later on.