Saturday, December 26, 2009

Usually this blog is about me, but today it's not.

Mahlia Milian, a promising and beautiful young African-American porn starlet, who I had the pleasure of knowing, has recently left the porn industry due to personal issues - namely a pregnancy, which she's had to go through all by herself.

She could really use your help in the form of donations since giving birth to a beautiful baby girl in November.

Click here to read Mahlia Milian (Nyesha's) story and to make a donation to her and her child via

***Side note: It's amazing to me how so many porn industry professionals who know of and/or who have worked with this young woman (and who have probably made quite a bit of money off of her efforts) - and who love to bitch and moan about how the porn industry needs to be "saved", have not come to her aid.

I really hope that Mahlia's past agents have enough of a soul and conscience to donate to help this young woman and her child. Plenty of industry professionals have enough connections and means to hold a fund raiser in support of Mahlia so that she can start a new life, so I hope that someone steps up to the plate and does the right thing.