Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Holidays - (namely Christmas) and the "post holidays" (4 to 5 days after Christmas) are always weird when it comes to the level of communication you have (or at least that I have) with my social circle. I understand that a lot of people go home for the holidays to reconnect with their family or loved ones, but why does that mean that they have to virtually drop off the face of the planet in order to do so. I'm going to have to expand my social circle in 2010.

Someone told me recently who just returned to Los Angeles from the holidays, that they're glad to get back to their "real life" here. It made me wonder how their "holiday family life" isn't a part of their "real life". I personally think that type of compartmentalization isn't that healthy - but then again who am I to judge.

I suppose I think as I do, because in the past - years ago - I compartmentalized my life to such a degree, that it left my personality and overall being pretty fragmented. I felt as if the parts of my life that I didn't share with others that I felt close to resulted in me essentially lying to them about who I am as a person. Once I decided to stop living in multiple "worlds" and blended all of my worlds together I felt much more whole, complete and truthful.

Some people didn't like parts of my world that they found out about, and decided not to be a part of my world anymore, but those who stuck around I realized would always be there for me.

Tomorrow I'm finally going to go and see that movie Avatar. I'm VERY excited as I LOVE sci fi movies loaded with special effects. This particular showing will be in 3D. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a rainy day here in Los Angeles this afternoon, but I'm glad because that means that it's probably snowing in the mountains. I'm determined to get up to the mountains this year to see snow for the first time. I want to build a snowman or maybe a snowavatar.